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We Have TWO Winners!  We want to congradulate Christopher Marcum and Morgan Farrow for winning the Smile Makeover.  We will take before and after pictures to let everyone follow the progress.

Please Do Not be discouraged if you didn't win.  We are doing the makeover contest again.  This time we are making the entry process much easier.

On the Carlisle Family Dental Facebook page, find the post about the two Winners:
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3. Comment "Create My Smile"
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Financing Options

*24 Months 0% Interest  
                                     Monthly Payment of $83.33
*12 Months 0% Interest  
                                   Monthly Payment of $133.33
*6 Months 0 % Interest         
                                  Monthly Payment of $233.33

*Financing and payment options are based on the cost of Full Invisalign treatment of 4000.  The 12 month option includes a 10% discount off the total price. The 6 month option includes a 15% discount off the total price.  All options require a 50% down payment of the invisalign treatment cost at the first visit.